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A jQuery plugin for showing the currently playing track on

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Using Now Playing Widget


The plugin requires jQuery, we recommend using the latest version. You also need to have a API key.


  1. Add Required Scripts

    Make sure you include jQuery before adding the plugin at the bottom of your HTML document

    <script src="/scripts/vendor/jquery.js"></script>
    <script src="/scripts/plugins/lastfmnowplaying.js"></script>
  2. Add a Template

    Add a template into your HTML document as in the example below. This can appear anywhere on your web page and can contain any markup you'd like. The template makes use of a number of custom tags surrounded by {}'s. Each template must have it's own ID.

    <script type="text/template" id="lastFmWidget">
    	<div>{ track.artist }</div>
    	<div>{ track.title }</div>
    	<div>{ track.album }</div>
    	<img src="{ track.image.medium }">

    Here is a full list of available tags:

    { track.artist }
    The track's artist
    { track.title }
    The title of the track
    { track.album }
    The album the track belongs to
    { track.url }
    A URL to track information on
    { track.image.small }
    A 34 x 34px image of the track's artwork
    { track.image.medium }
    A 64 x 64px image of the track's artwork
    { track.image.large }
    A 126 x 126px image of the track's artwork
    { track.image.extralarge }
    A 300 x 300px image of the track's artwork
  3. Call Widget

    The widget is called using the following in your main JavaScript file.

    	apiKey: 'YOUR-API-KEY',
    	members: ['YOUR-LASTFM-USERNAME']

    Be sure to update the apiKey and members options with your own information.

Template Examples

Here are a few examples of different templates for the plugin. You can write whatever code you like for the template, the only requirement is a unique ID for the template and your desired combination of custom tags.

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